Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Brew the Perfect Pot of Coffee

Before you read this you must understand there is no "right" way to brew coffee because everyone has their individual preference. The real skill in brewing coffee is knowing what you can do in order to improve your coffee's flavor - the goal is to consistently brew a pot of coffee, extracting the beans exquisite favors and unique characteristics to enjoy at their peak.   

Besides purchasing fresh, quality beans, there are a few extra steps you should take in order to ensure you have great tasting coffee.

#1. Keep the coffee brewer clean.

After every pot of coffee, you should always clean out your coffee maker; however, you should do more than the routine cleaning of rinsing out or washing the coffee pot. About once a month you should clean your coffee post beginning from the brew cycle. You may refer to your coffee maker's manufacture guide on the type of cleaner you should buy for your coffee maker, or you can clean your coffee maker by using a common household item - White Vinegar.

Plain white vinegar is one of the best natural, non-toxic cleaning ingredients you can use for cleaning your coffeepot as well as almost anything else around your house (such as the microwave, washing clothes and even cleaning the counter).

To clean your coffeepot with vinegar, take one part vinegar and three parts water and put it into the coffeepot, then pour that into the water reservoir in your coffee pot. Make sure your coffee maker is free of any coffee grounds. Run your coffeemaker through the brewing cycle. Once this has been completed, rinse the coffeepot and fill the water reservoir with plain water and run your
coffeemaker through another brewing cycle. You make repeat this step to ensure all vinegar has been removed from the coffee maker.

#2) Filtered water:

If your machine does not have its own water filter system, use filtered water or bottled water. If you must use tap water, make sure you let the water run for a little bit before you use it to fill up your coffee pot.

Be careful when using water from a water softener. The salt can destroy the taste of your coffee.

#3) Choosing coffee - Whole bean or Ground coffee?:

Make sure your coffee is fresh. When we say fresh, we mean make sure the coffee beans have been recently roasted and have not been sitting on a shelf for too long. Also, if you buy whole bean coffee and you grind your coffee at home, make sure to grid the coffee close to the time you decide to brew your coffee.

#4) Brew at the right temperature:

The preferred temperature for brewing great coffee should be between 195 to 205 degrees. If your machine brews at a cooler temperature, your coffee may come out with a flat taste – with no body. Some coffee brewers sold in stores will brew coffee as  low as 165 degrees, which can cause a low quality coffee taste. You may have to spend extra money for your coffee maker but it will be worth it!

#5) Brewing time:

If you are using a drip system to brew your coffee, the contact time between the water and the ground coffee should be about 5 minutes. If your use a plunger pot, the contact time between the water and the coffee should be anywhere from 2-4 minutes.

#6) Serving:

Once your coffee has been brewed it should be served immediately. If you need to keep the coffee warm throughout the day, place the coffee in a warm unit such as a thermos. Do not keep the coffee pot on a heated burner as the coffee will start to develop a burned taste and coffee may even start to burn onto the bottom of the pot. Also, do not reheat your coffee in the microwave! By reheating your coffee in the microwave - the taste will become bitter and unpleasant.

#7) ENJOY!:

Sit back and enjoy your coffee!Bodega Coffee Company

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