Friday, February 3, 2012

New Services!!

Exciting times at Bodega Coffee Company!! So many new things are happening and we are expanding our services. See below for some awesome new products!

1)      Fair Trade Organic – We have recently received our Fair Trade Organic certification and now offer 13 great coffees. Visit for a description of these flavors.

2)      Pods or Portion Packs – Bodega Coffee now has coffee pods of Regular and Decaf Dark French coffee. Each pod is 4 cups of great coffee and no filter is needed! In addition, we offer various sizes in portion packs. We offer 2, 3 or 4 oz of coffee per pack depending on your needs.

3)      Coffee Survival Kits –Bodega Coffee Company now has coffee survival kits so you can always have coffee on the go. We offer two kits - Regular French Roast or Decaf French Roast.  Each kit contains 6 – 4 cup coffee pods for your travel use.

For pricing information email: or call 800-263-3421.  Don't forget you can also visit our website at

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